Changing the way people coffee

Why We Started

Welcome! I’m Shauna and I am incredibly excited to start a new business that showcases coffee beans that are hand-roasted by my very own Papa!

Hand Roasted From My Papa

Growing up, one of our favorite places to stop as a family was Caribou Coffee. Between the smell of fresh coffee, the taste of their mint condition coolers and the relaxing environment it was no surprise that was the place I wanted to work when I turned 16. Luckily (after my Dad kindly told the Manager I submitted a job application and hadn’t heard back) I was offered a position. Shortly after, I fell in love with coffee and the atmosphere.

Through the years, a couple of career changes, a marriage and 3 kids later… I’ve always told people the funnest job I ever had was the job I had at Caribou Coffee. Handcrafting drinks, socializing and making friendships through coffee talk was the perfect fit for me.

A few years ago my Papa started roasting coffee beans. With his attention to high quality coffee beans roasted at just the right temperature I knew we had to create a business to showcase what he has to offer.

Combined with my barista experience and his coffee roasting expertise I am committed to providing you with high quality coffee drinks while providing you with outstanding customer service that will make you want to come back for more.